Chas Watkins

The story behind the author

Chas Watkins was born and raised in England and is a naturalized Australian. His children are all American, which he finds very confusing. He moved to Roatan seventeen years ago. He has an unused degree in electronics from Hull University in England and has somehow managed to work for many fine and good companies without being fired.

After the raging madness of the dot-com world in California, he moved to Roatan to settle with his family. 

Chas currently works as a Realtor on Roatan though strictly as a Buyers Agent. He reads an awful lot, watches the sunrise and sunset every day, and consumes way too much coffee. He runs on the beach in the mornings, practices handstands, and lives happily on Roatan. His children have all now deserted him to live real lives. Even on his best day he is nothing like his character Paul but strives to be so.

Occasionally he "likes to dance as if no one is watching" which is ironic as his dancing makes people stare. If you are really unlucky, you may meet him, and whatever you do, don't offer him a drink as he is a very rude and uninteresting person.

Book Signing 2013

I hope you will enjoy my book. A lot of time, energy, and pieces of my sanity were put into it. Quite unusually for an author, I do not worry about copying (piracy) and distribution through file-sharing sites.

The paperback also is available in hotel rooms, coffee shops, and other places for people to read without purchasing. I do this because I want people to read it. I can think of no better reward than knowing I have, in some small way, helped make a positive impact on a stranger’s life.

Chas signing.jpeg