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"A delightful and engaging read... Both intelligent and playful, you are sure to enjoy this book...and perhaps, maybe more likely to choose your own happiness."

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Midwest Book Review

“So much more than just an original, engaging, and consistently entertaining story, “To Hold The Sun” can be viewed by the reader as a kind of guide or blueprint to live life in a way that would enable an appreciation of the journey and not just the destination. An expertly crafted work from beginning to end, “To Hold The Sun” is enthusiastically recommended reading and will prove an enduringly popular addition to community library collections!”

Foreword Clarion Reviews

“The author’s admirable philosophy of life shines through this well-constructed, engaging story... Watkins may have intended “To Hold The Sun” for his children, but it is just as much a gift for the reader, who is sure to be enlightened by the main character’s noble perspective on life. This is a little gem of a book. ”

Timber Hawkeye,


Buddhist Boot Camp

“Chas describes the spiritual warrior’s journey in way that makes you want to come along, roll up your sleeves, and do the work required to become the best version of you there is!”

San Francisco Book Review

“5 out of 5! I highly recommend this book to others, youth and adults. Normally, my respect for books makes me reluctant to mark them in any way, but in reading this book, I found myself highlighting favorite quotes and passages and writing notes in the margins. It’s definitely a keeper to add to our own library. This book is not just to be read; it should be pondered, absorbed, practiced, shared, and discussed. I plan to re-read it with my own son and do just that. The author is working on a second book, and I am eagerly looking forward to reading that one as well.”

Portland Review

gives it 5 Stars

"Next to "Gospel" rating

“Throughout the book, he shares words of wisdom so the reader can remember why they are here on earth. He helps point out that the journey can be just as great or even better than our final destination. Watkins reminds readers to be thankful for what we have, our surroundings, the Earth and loved ones who make the journey worth it.”

Judith Joy, author of "Surviving Your Teenager...And Being Happy Anyway."

“The book is fantastic! Filled with many practical techniques and information to help anyone be happy. The information is spread through a very comfortable, inviting story. It’s an easy read.”