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I am happy to send electronic copies of To Hold The Sun available to any person affiliated with Tourism on Roatan. The narrative uses Roatan as a back drop and so I am happy for it to be used to promote the island of Roatan. Several hotels on the island actually keep a copy in each room. Here are some of the reviews left on Amazon.

Amazon currently has 99 reviews with a 4.7 out of 5 average!

"Just finished this book and loved it. It is written very well as to how to help make the happier choices in life. I loved all the references to places in Roatan. I will reread this book again."              

"Much like Roatan itself, To Hold the Sun is a diverse amalgam of content and influences. Imminently well reasoned and researched, if not edited, it makes a compelling case for finding your own paradise wherever you happen to be, because paradise isn't a place but rather a state of being. And this small gem of a book holds keys that will help you unlock doors that you didn't even know existed. Nicely done and a fine gift to your children as well as the rest of us who haven't yet finished growing.." 

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To receive a free copy I just ask you to fill out the form below with the information required. No information will be checked it is all on the honor system. However if you enjoy To Hold The Sun I would be grateful if you could do the following.

  1. Please leave a review on Amazon (5 stars you love it, 4 stars you liked it, 3 stars it was OK etc)
  2. Tell your friends about it.
  3. If you enjoyed it then make a small donation via the download page to enable me to keep writing.

I sell discounted books to Hotels etc. should you be interested.

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