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I hope you will enjoy my book. A lot of  time, energy, and pieces of my sanity were put into it. Quite unusually for an author, I do not worry about the copying (piracy) and distribution through file-sharing sites. The paperback also is available in hotel rooms, coffee shops, and other places for people to read without purchasing. I do this because I want people to read it. I can think of no better reward than knowing I have, in some small way, helped make a positive impact on a stranger’s life.

Please - share, share, share! Tell your family and friends, write a review on Amazon or  GoodReads, email the e-book, torrent it, loan out or give away the paperback. 

Contribute your thoughts via email or my Facebook page. Don’t forget to say hi! I love to travel and maybe one day I will be couch-surfing in your area!

Click on the format and follow the links to download it. You can apply any discount code you have been given before you download.  mobi is the Kindle format and epub is practically everything else.

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Warm regards,

Chas Watkins
Roatan 2015