So much more than just an original, engaging, and consistently entertaining story, “To Hold The Sun” can be viewed by the reader as a kind of guide or blueprint to live life in a way that would enable an appreciation of the journey and not just the destination. An expertly crafted work from beginning to end, “To Hold The Sun” is enthusiastically recommended reading and will prove an enduringly popular addition to community library collections!
— -- Midwest Book Review

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To Hold The Sun is an award wining inspirational story that currently has an exceptional Amazon rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars with 84 reviews. I am happy to send FREE electronic copies of To Hold The Sun to any person who is reading the book as part of a book circle or book club. You can download free copies of the electronic version from this site.

It normally sells for $6.95 on Amazon or $14.95 paperback. Should your group want real copies that they can hold in their hands I can send discounted copies directly to your group. If you order over 4 copies directly from me I can send them at $8 per copy including postage. (Continental USA, prices in the UK, Canada and Australia may be different please email for details.)

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I am also available for online interviews and discussions after you have read the book should that interest your group.

5 out of 5! I highly recommend this book to others, youth and adults. Normally, my respect for books makes me reluctant to mark them in any way, but in reading this book, I found myself highlighting favorite quotes and passages and writing notes in the margins. It’s definitely a keeper to add to our own library. This book is not just to be read; it should be pondered, absorbed, practiced, shared, and discussed.
— -- San Francisco Book Review

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